Welcome to Women In Oil And Energy South Africa

 Introduction to the WOESA Group of Companies

The WOESA Group of companies was started with the aim of facilitating and promoting business opportunities for and enhancing the participation of South African women in the oil and energy sector.


Black women in South Africa have either been at the lowest end of any form of business opportunity, or totally excluded. It therefore is imperative for women to focus cohesively on addressing their unique position in order to address these facts. WOESA’s first priority is to facilitate women’s participation in business opportunities in the oil, gas and energy sector in South Africa.

WOESA offers services to its member companies, organisations and individuals, that focus on developing a knowledge base and building capacity amongst women through education and training. We facilitate access to business opportunities; we do advocacy work for women by participating in drafting legislation and policies. WOESA further endeavors to facilitate access to funding as well as investment opportunities for women.

Transformation and the development of historically disadvantaged women is not only what we talk about; WOESA is there to ensure that equal opportunities for women and particularly black women in South Africa become a fact in the oil and energy sector.

The WOESA group consists of a number of companies, the two main companies being WOESA Section 21 and WOESA Investment Holdings. While WOESA Section 21 is a not-for-profit organisation started to give women more presence in the oil and energy sector, WOESA Investments and WOESA Investment Holdings were started as a commercial vehicle in order to not only allow WOESA Section 21 to sustain itself but also to provide more investment and business opportunities to empower women.



The activities of WOESA benefit all women seeking to participate in the oil and energy sectors.


WOESA provides specific services to enhance women participation in the oil and energy sector. These services include:

  • Organising workshops and conferences
  • Develop a knowledge base and make it accessible to its members
  • Training
  • Interface between members and business opportunities
  • Networking, lobbying and advocacy
  • Participation in drafting legislation and policies
  • Facilitation of access to finance/funding for business opportunities for women in the oil and energy sector
  • Developing and maintaining an interactive website with information for members only, containing news, legislation, articles, business opportunities, a calendar and more.
  • Recruitment of women in the oil and energy sector




Ms Nonhlanhla Mabusela CA.SA

Ms Mabusela, although a certified Charted Accountant, is currently operating as an independent consultant. She held various positions whilst studying for her B.Comm Accounting degree. She then worked for KPMG as an auditor responsible for a number of projects. She has also worked for ABSA and Nedbank managing the Capital Energy Project Finance. In 2007 she joined Palace Group as the Energy Financial Services Manager, where she was responsible for developing all Group Energy Projects to a stage where they could be fundable by the Lenders and thereafter approach financial institutions for funding. She is currently the CEO of LungiNo Capital – an organisation which also specialises in Project finance

Ms. Pinky Moabi,

Ms Moabi is currently the Managing Director of New Africa Petroleum Holdings, a company that operates a group of service stations. She has obtained her B.Compt degree at UNISA as well as a Management Advancement Programme from WBS. Pinky was previously the Group Financial Manager of Thebe Industrial Holdings (a subsidiary of Thebe Investments). She worked in the commercial division of Unilever for three years, working at the Foods Division Head office in Rotterdam, the Netherlands. She has also served her auditing articles through Arthur Anderson and was the Chairperson of the Audit Committee for the South African President’s Office.  

Ms Priakumari Hassan (Pria)

 Ms Hassan is a qualified lawyer who is currently the Managing Director of Women of Africa Investments. She obtained her B Proc and LLB from the University of Natal and later obtained MSC from the University Of Pretoria. She received an award for Top Black Female Entrepreneur for 2011 from the 10 th Metropolitan Oliver Empowerment Awards which aims to distinguish transformational leaders in BEE. 

Ms Khumo Ntlha, WOESA CEO

The day to day responsibility for WOESA will rest with the Chief Executive, Ms Khumo Ntlha, who was appointed in May 2007.She is passionate about community development and women’s empowerment. She received her education and training on social development at Wits and in Israel. She worked extensively (15 years) in South Africa and outside the country. She has extensive experience in the international donor community and has sat on overseas donor boards and committees for a number of years.  Khumo is also a skilled project manager, managing multi-million rand projects for international donors. She also worked in the SADC region building the organizational capacity of NGOs. Before joining WOESA, she was a partner in a consulting company that focused on development for 7 years.